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InsulBoot®‘s HS Polyolefin Halogen Free Material Available In Molded Boot Form

(Plumsteadville, PA)

InsulBoot®, the company that trademarked the phrase “Don’t Tape It, InsulBoot® It!™and revolutionized electrical insulation with their low, medium and high voltage insulated switchgear boots, has developed a process to create molded bus bar boots using their HS Polyolefin halogen free material.  According to Manuel Santos. Vice President of Business Development, “Our HS Polyolefin material is a permanent, flame retardant, radiation cross-lined material that offers superior insulation, elasticity and flexibility. We saw an increasing need, especially from our Canadian clients, for molded bus bar boots created from this same halogen free material. Our HS Polyolefin boots are perfect for demanding applications where insulation, abrasion resistance and strain relief are required.”

All of InsulBoot®‘s HS Polyolefin Halogen Free Materials are formulated to meet all UL, CSA and SGS standards. The company also offers halogen free heat shrink tubing and tape. The tape comes in varying widths, and shrinks to approximately ¾’s of its original size. It is an ideal alternative when heat shrink tubing isn’t an option. 

For over 30 years, InsulBoot® has been the principle designer and supplier of high di-electric insulating boots (Up to 38KV) to the switchgear industry. Leading manufacturers have come to rely on InsulBoot® superior products and exceptional customer service again and again.
With fully integrated plants in USA, Scotland and Mexico and 50KV AC testing facilities, the company produces many thousands of InsulBoot® per day to rigid specifications.

Their main driver is "The right InsulBoot® on time, every time"

For more information on HS Polyolefin Halogen Free Tubing, Tape and Molded Boots, click here.

Manuel Santos
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