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InsulBoot® Proves That Bigger Can Be Better When It Comes To Customization

(Plumsteadville, PA)  InsulBoot®, the company that trademarked the phrase “Don’t Tape It, InsulBoot® It!™and revolutionized electrical insulation with their low, medium and high voltage insulated switchgear boots, recently completed a challenging custom molding job for one of their repeat customers.

According to Manuel Santos. Vice President of Business Development, “Every custom design job is obviously unique, but this one was more of a challenge. The client needed very large bus bar boots, and we were able to accommodate him – in a relatively short amount of time. In less than two weeks, we designed drawings from the client’s CAD files, got them approved and produced a sample boot for him. “

The challenge for the InsulBoot® design team was in the size of the bus bar – over four feet in length.  Considering that the majority of boots that InsulBoot® manufactures average about two feet in length, it’s easy to see why a custom boot was needed. Yet, the size differentiation posed no problem to the design and engineering team at InsulBoot®.

InsulBoot®’s Free Design Service is just one reason why so many of their clients are repeat customers. Turnaround is quick – on both the design and the samples.  “Once we have a sketch from a client with their exact specifications, we can deliver a layout of the new part along with an estimate to produce it, in just a matter of hours. And, once we have approval on our layout, we can have a sample finished piece in a client’s hands in 2 weeks or less” adds Santos.

As one client recently wrote, “InsulBoot® did all of the design work for us. We supplied them with a solid model of the entire bus system of the switchboard, and we worked closely with them to correct any errors and to make sure the boots covered the appropriate areas. We found InsulBoot® to be one of the single most helpful companies we’ve ever worked with, and the product they delivered was outstanding.”

The bottom line? No matter what the size or shape of your bus bar or switchgear, InsulBoot® has you covered. For over 30 years, InsulBoot® has been the principle designer and supplier of high di-electric insulating boots (Up to 38KV) to the switchgear industry. Leading manufacturers have come to rely on InsulBoot® superior products and exceptional customer service again and again.

With fully integrated plants in USA, Scotland and Mexico and 50KV AC testing facilities, the company produces many thousands of InsulBoot® per day to rigid specifications.
Their main driver is "The right InsulBoot® on time, every time"

For more information on their Free Design Service, click here.

Manuel Santos
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