Saturday, March 21 2009 15:49

InsulBoot® Introduces InsulBoot® HS, a Halogen Free Range of Molded Boots, Tubing & Tape

InsulBoot® announces a new addition to its rapidly growing line of products—InsulBoot® HS halogen free heat shrink molded boots, tubing and tape. More environmentally friendly, these products will not emit harmful substances such as dioxin when burned.

Made from permanent, flame retardant, radiation cross-linked, heat shrinkable polyolefin, it offers excellent electrical insulation, elasticity and flexibility. Its low shrinking temperature, flexibility and superior mechanical strength offers abrasion resistance and environmental protection for conductors, connections, joints and terminals. InsulBoot® HS halogen free heat shrink insulation products can be used in any enclosed area where a flame retardant, halogen free material is required.

InsulBoot® HS halogen free heat shrink molded boots are used in demanding applications where electrical insulation and abrasion resistance are required. They resist moisture, fungus and weathering.

InsulBoot® HS halogen free heat shrink tubing—using a process that causes the tubing to shrink on a ration of 3 to 1 from its original diameter—provides a snug fit over irregularly shaped joints and is ideal for bus bar insulation of any length. This provides excellent insulation, as well as protection from environmental factors.

InsulBoot® HS heat shrink tape shrinks to approximately ¾ of its original size. It is an ideal alternative when heat shrink tubing can’t be used. It has high strength properties and offers resistance to outdoor elements together with exceptional electrical insulation properties.

The specialty designed formulation ensures that the products—molded boots, tubing and tape—meet UL, CSA and SGS standards.

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