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Lightning Arrestors Connection

Standard Range – Our standard range of Lightning Arrestor connection boots exceed 12 different configurations. Main Bus size and Riser size range from 1/4" by 2" to 3/4" by 8".

Free Design Services – E-mail or fax your Bus layout and we will design and supply drawings of the InsulBoot® to suit your needs, usually within 2-3 days. E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax 215-766-2222.

Custom InsulBoot® – If it is not possible to meet your specifications from our range of standards, we will design and mold a custom InsulBoot® to suit your applications, usually within 7 days.

type fig. number of cables diameter of cable min-max. Diameter of insulator InsulBoot®® P/N:
#2 (Vert.) 1 .44"-.75" 3.00" I-0127
#2 (Vert.) 1 .62"-1.25" 2.25"-2.75" I-0560
#2 (Vert.) 1 .44"-.75" 3.00" I-0232
#1 (90°) 1 .50"-.88" 4.75" I-0270
#1 (90°) 2 .50"-.88" 4.75" I-0444
#2 (Vert.) 2 .62"-1.00" 2.25" I-1007

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  • Name: Lightning Arrestors Connection

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